Yoko Ono

Four Pieces for Orchestra

To La Monte Young

(Provisional Instruction. It may be revised by conductor.)

a. Upon first signal from the conductor, each performer begins to rub a dowel, screwdriver or file across the f hole of any string instrument which will be provided for that purpose, or with an eraser on the surface of a wind instrument. Second signal will indicate termination.

 b. Upon third signal, each performer peels off a tape taped upon their instrument.

 c. Upon fourth signal, each performer tears off a page from the score.

New instructions to these pieces will most likely be provided by La Monte Young during rehearsal.

Date unknown

Laundry Piece

In entertaining your guests, bring out your laundry of the day and explain to them about each item. How and when it became dirty and why, etc.


Wall Piece for Orchestra

To Yoko Ono

Hit a wall with your head.


Lighting Piece

Light a match and watch it til it goes out.


Painting to be Stepped On

Leave a piece of canvas or finished painting on the floor or in the street.


Fly Piece



Tape Piece I

Stone Piece

Take the sound of the stone aging.


Tape Piece II

Room Piece

Take the sound of the room breathing

1) at dawn
2) in the morning
3) in the afternoon
4) in the evening
5) before dawn

Bottle the smell of the room of that particular hour as well.


Joe De Marco, Gallerie DeLuxxe